Sticker App Template

Sticker app TEMPLATE


To Designers, illustorators

Are you a designer or an illustrator?  Even if you are not a developer, you can earn money by selling your stickers like my sticker app.  I can help you.  You can get an sticker app even if you don't know any code.  please email to me. 

You can get a sticker app even if you don't know any code.  It is easy to reskin the sicker app to your stickers and I can teach you how to replace stickers through remote desktop.

This is a video clip about app income.  It's real data.  Recently sales is over US$700 per month.  If you would like to see it, I will show you. ^_^

The source code was made by Swift language. But you don't have to learn it, because I made a configuration file which you need to change. You can also add your stickers as possible as you want because of tying filename in the configuration file. I think it's easy to configure because of typing filenames. By the way, things you need to work are below. The app is only for iOS. It is not for Android.

  • 1. Make App icons and screenshots for App Store.
  • 2. Make your stickers and copy in the app folder.
  • 3. Change the configuration file.
  • 4. You should have an Apple Developer ID to sales your apps in App Store.  You should pay US$99 per a year to Apple to keep selling apps.

The configuration file can separate paid stickers, free stickers and stickers for advertising. The app integrated Facebook SDK and Google Firebase SDK

email: steve.kim.0417@gmail.com


This video clip is about income of 'Bella & Bryan Sticker App'.  It is real data. Recently it is over US$500 per month.  If you want to see a real income data, I will share that for you.

If you don't have the app, you can get it for free through below link.